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Causes of Acute Pain

Causes of Acute Pain and the Types of Treatment

Millions of people wrestle with sharp, sometimes debilitating pain. Whether an illness or injury is the reason for the pain, acute pain can cause people to feel trapped in their own bodies, often leading to depression, health anxiety, and even substance abuse.

The causes of acute pain can be many. However, our acute pain treatment can help you regain control of your life. Learning to manage your symptoms and cope with the mental effects of acute pain will help you to start feeling like yourself again.

Causes of Acute Pain

There are many different acute pain causes, ranging from surgery to childbirth. The difference between acute vs. chronic pain is in the duration and cause of the symptoms. Acute pain starts suddenly and the reason is specific. Acute pain usually does not last longer than six months.

If your pain lasts longer than six months and underlying health conditions like arthritis or back problems are the root of the pain, then you have a chronic pain condition. Acute pain medication management is one of many treatment options; personalized care starts with hearing your unique story and recognizing where your pain truly comes from and how the pain has evolved since it started.

We don’t just want to help you cope, we want to help you recover and live a healthier life. Our goal is to help you even after your symptoms have improved through our holistic treatment plan.

Common Acute Pain Causes

Some of the most common reasons people develop acute pain include:

  • Surgery
  • Car accidents
  • Workplace incidents
  • Falls
  • Sports injuries
  • Childbirth
  • Broken bones or torn ligaments

All of these injuries can lead to sharp pain that is difficult to manage on your own. Doctors often prescribe painkillers to people. Unfortunately, opioids for pain management can quickly lead to substance abuse. We offer inpatient and outpatient painkiller abuse treatment programs for anyone who has developed a substance abuse problem in the midst of trying to manage their acute pain.

Mental health treatment can be another valuable component of your acute pain management. Stress, anxiety, and depression are not uncommon among people struggling with daily pain. Our counseling services can provide you with a place to develop healthy coping skills and learn about the connection between physical pain and mental health.

Treating Acute Pain

We personalize our acute pain treatment to meet your needs, desires and treatment goals. Our specialists believe that you are more than just a patient; we want to know your story and hear feedback along the way, working side-by-side to come up with a recovery plan that feels right to you.

Encore Health Group’s Tennessee pain management centers offer you an opportunity to address your health from a new perspective. From intervention strategies to physical therapy, we want to give you a chance to discover what really works best for your needs.

Rather than prescribing medications and sending you off, we would prefer to teach you exercises, stretches and other types of pain management therapy you can practice to live a drug-free, pain-free life.

Tennessee Acute Pain Management

Quality pain management care isn’t just about treating symptoms; we want to help you gain a sense of control in your life, which acute pain can steal. Many people who wrestle with pain problems also struggle with mental health conditions or substance abuse. We want to ensure that your treatment plan does more than mask the problem.

By working with our doctors and therapists, we can help you develop a treatment strategy that changes as you do. If something works, we’ll build upon it to expand its benefits. When one approach fails, we will discuss the reasons why and explore alternative avenues of treatment. One thing is always certain: You are never unheard at Encore Health Group.

Don’t spend another day struggling with your acute pain. Contact us at Encore Health Group in TN, to find the relief you’ve been craving. Learn more and schedule an appointment today.