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Symptoms of Anxiety

Healthy Paths to Cope, Manage, and Overcome Symptoms of Anxiety

If anxiety controls your life, there’s hope for you with anxiety treatment in Tennessee. Encore Health Group assigned an entire division to help you toward becoming someone with whole-person wellness.

You’ll have powerful allies on your journey to manage and overcome your symptoms of anxiety and regain your confidence and strength.

Anxiety is soul-crushing. Constant worry and fear rule your life and control every action and choice you make. It squeezes and twists your gut and maintains an ever-present grip on your mind and thought. During the day, anxiety holds you back from enjoyable activities. At night, racing thoughts chase each other through your mind while you move restlessly in bed, unable to fall asleep.

How to Identify Common Symptoms of Anxiety

Not only is anxiety an acquaintance of depression, but the two can also form a bond and live as fast friends in your head. Their survival depends on keeping you snared within their reach. To survive, they send you on destructive journeys designed to break your spirit. They love alcohol and drugs as those temporary ways to escape always bring you back to their familiar voices.

Anxiety relies on many harmful tools to keep wellness out of reach, but one of the worst tricks anxiety uses a remarkably simple attack. If you ask for help from friends and family, anxiety’s whispered reminder is true: Anxiety and depression all happen inside your head. Some folks dismiss your fears about the anxiety in your head because they don’t see it. If they don’t see it, it can’t be real. Anxiety relies on people dismissing it as something that’s just in your head. That’s where it lives and plans to stay there forever.

That’s daily life before you attend the anxiety treatment center in Tennessee. These days run together and turn into months and years of unending anxious feelings and thoughts. What started as an isolated case of excess worry eventually turns into unhealthy habits that affect every part of your existence.

If you have any doubts, if you have anxiety, these descriptions may help you resolve those doubts one way or the other.

World-class teaching and research hospitals provide lists illustrating signs of anxiety. These do not apply to single, fleeting episodes of anxious thoughts. They are relevant to folks who experience too much persistent worry and fear nearly daily.

Some of the symptoms you might experience include tension, restlessness, nervousness, and trouble sleeping. You might also find yourself avoiding things that might cause anxiety. Concentration problems may occur since you’re focused on worries and can’t control your worrying thoughts. You might also feel a sense of danger or doom is looming and have stomach troubles. Feeling weak and tired and having uncontrolled rapid breathing, increased heart rate, sweating and trembling is also not uncommon.

Treatment Helps You Conquer Symptoms of Anxiety

If you recognize yourself after reviewing the anxiety described above,

Encore Health Group treatment teams are fully equipped to help you during every step to help you toss chronic anxiety out of your life.

Prominent scientists have mapped the brain to discover how anxiety triggers a chemical reaction that spreads to your brain and body. They discovered anxiety sends chemicals straight to parts of your brain that handle the emotional response.

Discoveries like this are good news if you show signs of anxiety. Our treatment team includes doctors who specialize in anxiety-relieving medication therapy. If appropriate, you and your doctor may determine a treatment plan that includes medication that is right for you.

Your treatment team includes doctors, therapists/counselors, nurses, peers and many specialists at hand if you need them. You are an essential part of your treatment team. No unpleasant surprises are waiting. It’s your life and your treatment. Get involved in planning your immediate and ongoing treatment.

Your anxiety treatment might include behavioral therapy, holistic therapy options, group therapy, dual diagnosis support, medication therapy and long-term support planning

We Can Help When Signs of Anxiety Can Trigger Additional Issues

When anxiety triggers additional problems including mental health crisis or substance abuse, Encore Health Group offers specialized dual diagnosis treatments in TN to help you address all your fears and problems.

We offer mental health treatment, treatment for depression, outpatient mental health counseling and pain management. We also offer interventional pain management, chronic/acute pain management, medication management, and medication-assisted therapy.

With five convenient locations near Chattanooga and throughout Tennessee, you’re closer to help than ever.

If you’re ready for a life free from anxiety and worry, make an appointment. You deserve a life filled with wellness and the joy that comes with it.