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Psychotherapy Help with Chronic Pain Treatment

Can Psychotherapy Help with Chronic Pain Treatment?

As you seek help for chronic pain, you find that quality pain management centers provide a mix of therapies and services as alternatives to opioid medications. One such therapy is psychotherapy, also called talk therapy or individual counseling.

This makes many people initially question,

“Can psychotherapy help with chronic pain treatment?” If it can help, what help does it provide?

Can psychotherapy help with chronic pain treatment?

Chronic pain occurs suddenly at first, usually from an accident or injury. When it becomes chronic pain treatment, most people try medications, rest, and physical therapy. But when those methods fail, what is next? For real, long-term benefits, you need psychotherapy along with a mix of other approaches.

Can Psychotherapy Help with Chronic Pain Treatment?

A psychotherapy program in Tenessee, as part of chronic pain treatment, looks beyond the physical effects of chronic pain. This means that treating the physical injury is not enough. You also need to heal the mental and emotional wounds chronic pain causes. Among these effects are depression, anxiety, chronic stress, anger, and a range of negative emotions.

Hopelessness, isolation, loneliness, anger, and feelings of being dismissed, lost in the system, and betrayed all commonly occur in people suffering chronic pain. While your pain management experts work on the physical aspects of your pain, psychotherapy treats your other life effects. Therapy helps you relearn how to function while rebuilding your life.

So how can psychotherapy help with chronic pain treatment? It helps by providing you with coping skills. From therapy, you gain nonjudgmental support. You also learn how your pain affects your physical, social, and emotional well-being.

Enjoying Your Life Again

Psychotherapy for chronic pain in no way relates to giving up on treating the physical effects of your injury or condition. Nor does psychotherapy for chronic pain presume you are “crazy” for feeling unable to live a full life. In fact, therapy does the opposite of these two things. It helps you rebuild strength for finding new ways to relieve symptoms, while also helping you cope with daily struggles in knowing your pain and suffering are real, yet surmountable, problems.

Through psychotherapy for chronic pain, you learn how to live as well as possible in the present. You learn how to work past stress, circumstances, and feelings of your situation.

Tennessee Pain Management with Psychotherapy

In Tennessee, you have access to complete programs of chronic pain management. These complete programs include individualized treatment planning based on your unique needs. Other aspects include:

  • Pain management
  • Interventional pain management
  • Chronic and acute pain management
  • Medication management
  • Medication-assisted therapy
  • Anxiety and depression treatment
  • Outpatient mental health counseling

With five locations around Chattanooga, TN, Encore Health Group provides the therapies and services needed to cope with chronic pain and create a better life. Talk to a caring counselor at Encore Health Group about your pain and daily struggles. Ask, “Can psychotherapy help with chronic pain treatment?” Learn more about therapy and your next steps to a life you enjoy by making an appointment with Encore Health Group now.