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Effects of Chronic Pain on Your Mental Health

Effects of Chronic Pain on Your Mental Health

Chronic pain was once thought of as something that affected only the body. Scientists now know that there are effects of chronic pain on your mental health as well. If you suffer from chronic pain and have noticed a decline in your mental health, then you are not imagining things. Here’s what you need to know about the connection between your physical and mental health.

How Pain Affects your Mental Health

Mental Health America reports on the effects of chronic pain on your mental health, claiming it often leads to anxiety and depression. In particular, those with fibromyalgia were noted as having a higher risk for anxiety disorders, while multiple sclerosis patients had a higher risk of Major Depressive Disorder.

You don’t have to suffer from a significant illness for pain to affect your mental health. Even those with neck or back pain can show signs of depression or anxiety. Feelings of worthlessness might also ensue because people are unable to care for themselves or do the things they used to.

Pain can disrupt sleep cycles, which also leaves you at a greater risk for mental illness. Harvard Health has noted the connection between sleep deprivation and mental health conditions such as bipolar disorder.

If you are suffering from pain, you must take care of your physical and mental health. You can do that by visiting our mental health treatment center in Tennessee. Here, we will treat the source of your pain as well as any underlying mental health conditions that may develop as a result.

Treatment for Pain and Mental Health

After learning the effects of chronic pain on your mental health, you may wonder how we treat them. Here at Encore Health, we offer a wide range of treatments based on your unique condition. The idea is to treat the whole person so that you can become well again.

A few of the treatment options available include:

  • Anxiety Treatment Centers
  • Bipolar disorder treatment
  • Depression treatment treatment
  • Mental disabilities treatment
  • Mood disorder treatment
  • Schizophrenia treatment center

Along with mental health disorders, chronic pain and addiction often go hand-in-hand as well. That’s why we also offer addiction and substance abuse treatment to help you withdraw from any medications you were prescribed to help you manage your pain. It’s just another way in which we aim to fully restore your mind and body.

Benefits of Treatment

By getting treatment, you can enjoy some benefits such as:

  • Fewer mood swings
  • More interest in everyday activities
  • Better sleep
  • Less pain
  • A reduction in other physical symptoms such as headaches

Dealing with pain is challenging enough on its own. Don’t let it affect your mental health as well. Allow us to help you manage your physical and mental symptoms so you can get back to normal again.

Suffering from Pain and Depression? Give us a Call

If you are worried about the effects of chronic pain on your mental health, it’s time to put those concerns behind you. By coming to a quality treatment facility such as ours, you can learn to overcome pain, addiction, or any mental health disorder you might face. Don’t wait any longer to get your life back on track. Make an appointment today to find out more.