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Back Surgery Recovery Time

Back Surgery Recovery Time

Back surgery is a very complex treatment option. By the time a doctor chooses to do back surgery, they’ve already tried less invasive alternatives to ease chronic back pain. However, some people only have the option of surgery. In any case, it’s essential for them to know more about back surgery recovery time.

How Long Is Back Surgery Recovery Time?

The exact length of time that it takes to recover from back surgery depends on several elements. For example, people have to take into account their overall health and the degree of their symptoms before the surgery.

Also, the type of back surgery that people undergo plays a role in determining their recovery time. For instance, it can take six months to a year to recover from spinal fusion surgery. For a discectomy or laminectomy, though, it might only take 12 weeks. As a result, it’s hard to pin down the actual time that it takes to recover.

The First 24 Hours After Back Surgery

Typically, the first few hours after back surgery occurs in intensive care. After a few hours, the hospital moves people into regular hospital rooms. Sometimes, they hook people up to a pain pump. This pump has a button to push to get relief for any discomfort that they feel.

Usually, a nurse takes time to teach people breathing exercises using a spirometer. Doing these breathing exercises is vital to the recovery process. The reason is that anesthesia or pain medication can slow breathing. During this time, an occupational and physical therapist may talk about different movements and exercises that can speed up recovery.

Going Home

Most people only stay in the hospital for a few days after back surgery. Then, they’re free to return home. However, it’s crucial that they continue to do daily back exercises to speed up their back surgery recovery time.

While recovering at home, people still have to visit a physical therapist. At first, they might visit the therapist several times a week. As their healing progresses normally, they won’t have to see the therapist as often.

What Are the Benefits of Back Surgery?

With such a long recovery time, what’s the point of undergoing back surgery? Isn’t it better to simply manage the pain? In truth, undergoing back surgery instead of just pain management offers many benefits, including:

  • Having the ability to move around better
  • Not having to take pain medicine
  • Improves overall mood and physical health
  • Allows people to return back to work

Get Help to Manage Acute and Chronic Pain

Do you find yourself needing help to make back surgery recovery time easier? If so, consider seeking help after surgery at Encore Health Group. We provide enhanced recovery after surgery in Tennessee. A few of the programs that we have include:

  • Medication management
  • Interventional pain management
  • Medication-assisted therapy
  • Chronic and acute pain management
  • Outpatient mental health counseling

Don’t try to manage back pain alone. Find out more about back surgery recovery time and how long it might take you to recover. Make an appointment with our caring staff members today to learn more.