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Acute Pain Care Plan

Creating an Acute Pain Care Plan

You’ve been struggling with discomfort for the last few months. Anything from an aching itch to persistent nausea qualifies for the design of an acute pain care plan. What causes acute pain? How could specialists help you deal with the condition and maybe improve it?

What Causes Acute Pain?

Acute pain becomes chronic when it’s in place for about six months or longer. Therefore, the goal has to be the creation of a workable care plan now. Almost all people with discomfort could benefit from enrolling at one of the acute pain treatment centers Tennessee trusts. This is particularly true when your pain involves musculoskeletal disorders.

Focus an Acute Pain Care Plan on Your Unique Needs

Plan creation begins with a current diagnosis. Pain care specialists can work with your doctor to get this information. Next, the experts consult with you to define measurable outcomes. How do you want to feel after treatment?

Although these outcomes should be realistic, they should also present an improvement to your current situation. Similarly, specialists work with you to put together a course of treatment. Your doctor might have already tried some approaches. We factor in those outcomes in the process.

During specific intervals, specialists evaluate the progress. You report what worked and what didn’t. Most importantly, you help direct your care, which puts you in control. This is an integral aspect of learning how to manage your pain.

Possible Therapeutic Interventions

One approach doesn’t suit all program participants. The acute pain care plan must be as unique as the individual. Someone with a previously active lifestyle has different expectations than someone who works toward the goal of taking a vacation. Treatments might include:

  • Spinal cord stimulation, which focuses on nerve signals and their abilities to communicate
  • Physical therapy as a way to pay attention to returning a specific limb or region to functionality
  • Chiropractic care that emphasizes the importance of spinal alignment
  • Psychological counseling that benefits program participants who struggle with depression or anxiety
  • Addiction treatment for individuals who used opioids and developed dependencies

Consider that pain doesn’t just affect a limb or area of the body. Instead, it changes your life. There are probably things that you can no longer do. Therefore, it’s vital to work backward and restore your abilities step by step.

Is There Hope?

Maybe you’ve given up. You feel that things will never get better. You spent weeks or months in pain. Similarly, it’s difficult to get appointments that aren’t weeks in the future.

After all, you’re pain’s bothering you right now. In fact, there’s hope. You’ve tried so hard to get well, and it didn’t work so far. Therefore, you might just need a fresh perspective.

Find out how an acute pain care plan at Encore Health Group could make a difference in your life. Schedule an appointment quickly and meet with specialists who help patients who’ve lost hope. Contact the clinic today for immediate assistance.